The «honest concept», a concept that operates under the slogan «Go Honest!» is a new and innovative form of business strategy and governance that has a goal of promoting social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility through 3 main aspects:

  • honesty
  • transparency
  • social responsibility

The «honest concept» will be promoted through an NGO that connects various businesses that «want to be part of the club». Business pay a yearly membership fee, and in return the NGO develops a social business concept that is most suitable for the company. In practice the concept will function as follows:

  • the production cost of every product sold will be transparent
  • a percentage earned by every product sold will be donated to a certain cause within the local community
  • the cause to which funds are donated will be clearly defined and the total amount collected will be constantly transparent on the website

The mother company of the «honest concept» will be «Honest cafe». Honest cafe will have it's first «pop-up» presentation at the «Green on movement» festival from 8th to 10th of August, in Zadar, Croatia.